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Whenever I connect my Y560 laptop to the AC power adapter my screen starts to glitch, I see fuzzy lines, it looks all screwed up and also it freezes and goes to normal and i see a pop up saying " AMD graphic card temporaily not working" and it would do this constantly. For it to work perfectly without any screen issues, I have to unplug it at all times.


I have ATI CCC 10.11 the latest one, 59 bios everything updated, I run my high ends games perfectly, without the power plugged in, and sometimes with the power plugged in(like i would have the power plugged in but the battery will be at full and would say 100% charged, battery not charging)



This could be caused by settings in power management, or potentially by having the display set to a non-native resolution.

Configured to 1360 x 768 (instead of 1366) resolution and the symptoms were reported resolved.

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