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Y560 - gpu defective, will change/upgrade it

Hello forum! 


I've made this topic a few days ago


Since the problem is persistent, even after formatting and installing everything anew, I've come to the conclusion that my GPU is indeed at the end of its life span after a bit under than 2 years of service. Even tho the BSOD says its a driver error, the card is clearly faulty, since the screen stays the same even in safe mode and at the startup screen where it only says "Lenovo" on a black background. 


Since my laptop is out of warranty and it wouldnt make much sense to throw this one out and get a new one, I've decided to change the GPU in the current machine. I know its smoldered onto the motherboard and that it should all be changed in this case, but thats simply not going to happen as it is too expensive for me at the moment.


I dont really feel like buying a used GPU off ebay tho, which has lead us to this topic - has anyone ever done something like this before? How did it go? Were there any unexpected happenings along with it? The only thing I should pay attention to is the pin layout (not sure if I expressed myself correctly here), or the socket or whatever its called, right? 


For others wondering, this will happen in the very near future - I can keep the thread updated with info if there is interes. 

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Re: Y560 - gpu defective, will change/upgrade it

I had this question too, see here
Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)
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Re: Y560 - gpu defective, will change/upgrade it

I've got good and bad news. Your GPU probably is fine, but as it happens quite often, the soldering below your GPU might started cracking. This is very common issue with BGA chips in GPUs. You can have it fixed by re-soldering your GPU to the mainboard. There are ways to try and fix it by yourself, but they are not safe. The safe way is to send it to company that specialises in re-soldering BGA chips. Unfortunately it is not cheap!


The way you can try to fix it yourself is called "baking". I've done it few times, and it usually works. There are two issues though: It is not permanent. The problem will return. It may be a week, few months, or even more than a year. The other problem, and this is serious, is that you'd have to bake the WHOLE mainboard. I only did GPUs, so I have no idea how will it work with whole mainboard. It obviously seems way more risky. If you want to take the risk look up "GPU baking" on google.


PS Soldered not smoldered Smiley Wink

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