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I have had the Y560 for about a year and a half and on the whole, am very satisfied with the performance. 


However, it has been overheating and shutting down suddenly, especially when I play new games. This doesn't happen in games such as World of Warcraft or League of Legends, or similar games.


I've tried the following but to no avail:


- Installed Hardware Monitor and my idle temperatures on my i7 are around 60 degrees, my GPU is ~55 degrees. Seems pretty ok. Under heavy load, they exceed 97 degrees and that is when the system shuts down because of thermal protection. 


- Testing with BIOS 71 and BIOS 59, but the problems persist and I didn't really notice much of a difference, but I have read that under some BIOS the fan doesn't go over a certain percentage, but never reaches 100% speed.


- Updated GPU drivers and energy managment - no difference too.


- Power management settings: - went into Windows Power Manager (next to the clock in the bottom row - the systemtray) and set the ATI Radeon to "Optimize for lifespan" while it was previously set to "Maximum performace". 


What can I do?


Some methods are worth trying include:

  • Cleaning the fan and heatsink
  • Applying thermal paste to CPU if necessary

Customers are advised to do the above by contacting Service, rather than by themselves, to avoid warranty voiding. If you are a computer expert and know what you are doing, you can give the fan cleaning a try.


The following resource provides guidance on how to do so-

Y560 Hardware Maintenance Manual:



  1. First remove the battery and unplug AC adapter.
  2. These are the areas you want to focus  on: Area 1  , Area 2 and Area 3.
    Clean these areas with cotton buds, as these are soft enough and do not leave fibers.  Cleaning 1 , Cleaning 2 , Cleaning 3 until they become this clean: Cleaner area 1 , Cleaner area 2.



Temperature results:

CPU - old idle temp ~60 degrees, now its 45-50 degrees (depending on the core)

GPU - old idle temp ~55 degrees, now ~46 degrees 


CPU - old under load temp ~92 degrees, now 53-38

GPU - old under load temp ~97 degrees, now 56


Note: This is before applying thermal paste.

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Can someone help?  My computer shuts down or doesn't come on at all.  I have replaced the power supply and processor fan and there is no dirt anywhere.  I just put a new PS in it about 10 days ago and it worked for a little bit but then started shutting down again.  I took the PS back and got another one and it came back on for about 30 seconds and shut off.


okay.. o today i though of installing cpuid hwmonitor and gpu-z to see my temps while gaming but when i opened .. i was surprised to see that the idle temp of all the cores of my CPU(I5-3210M) are around 70 degrees celsius!!!!!! 
And the idle temperature of gpu(GT630M) was almost as same as cpu but a few degrees less hot(65-68 degrees celsius)...

Can someone help me for this thing.. i elevate my laptop uisng my cd bag.. so there is enough space for ventilation... what else to do?? plz help