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Y560P = Won't charge from AC *** Y560 = Password protected Windows recovery

Hello !


I have 2 Lenovo Ideapads: an i7 Y560P, and an i5 Y560.


The i7 Y560P stopped being able to run from the ac power adapter, and stopped being able to recharge the battery. Out of warranty. Afraid to take it to a "repair" shop, they'd probably charge $150+ just to look at it.


So, I purchased (on Ebay, assume no warranty) an i5 Y560. This way I could charge the i7 Y560P's battery in the i5 Y560, and be able to get at least an hour or so use out the i7 Y560P, and I would also have a i5 Y560 for when I needed to be mobile.


Long story short, an attempt at installed a dual boot Ubuntu Linux system on the i5 Y560 went terribly wrong, and Windows is trashed. I attempted to see if the D:\ recovery partition might be of any value. It is password protected. Contacted the eBay seller, and was kind enough to suggest possible passwords she might have used. All failed.


WHERE I AM NOW: I took the good hard drive from the i7 Y560P that won't accept AC power, and placed it in the i5 Y560 whose hard disk Windows 7 OS was trashed. So, at least I have one working computer that accepts AC  and will recharge the battery, and has a functional Windows 7 OS.




i7 Y560P

(1) What are the possible causes of the i7 Y560P stopping accepting power from AC and being unable to recharge a battery?

(2) Any self-diagnostics I might be able to do to rule a potential cause "in" or "out"

(3) Would taking it for repair be cost-effective, or would i be cheaper to just purchase a used i7 on eBay?

(4) I'd really hate to have to "waste" an i7 laptop


i5 Y560

(5) Is there any way to get around the password protection on the D:\ Windows recovery partition?

(6) Am I stuck having to go out an purchase a brand new license for Window?


Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance !


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