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Mouse cursor will freeze for a second before it starts moving again.


When it happened:

Whenever I try to move my mouse cursor using my touchpad right after i type something.

When I switch between different programs using mouse cursor


When it does not happen:

When i switch programs with the shortcut (alt+tab)

Usb mouse works as normal


What I've done and still to no avail:

Updated drivers including sypnatics driver

Tweaked with all the mouse settings


What i observed:

Mouse sensitivity is set to default, and hasn't changed since the problem.  


Do not set mouse sensitivity to default.


There is a setting to detect your wrist on the palm rest while typing. It has a sensitivity meter so that you cannot move your mouse while typing.


You need to set it to 0.

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This also worked for my Y700-15ISK



....Nevermind, it's still acting up...


have the same issue!


I have the exact same issue, even though my laptop came out of the box 2 hours ago. Is there a sollution for this yet? It doesn't seem normal a cursor freezes every other minute when the laptop is brand new, right?