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Y570 -Games lags and choppy when it's plugged in


This is for a Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 with a RapidDrive and nVidia Optimius graphic.


When my laptop is plugged in it runs games all choppy. Like playing hellgate it seems every step forward i take my character stops for a split second.


When i have it running off battery it is smooth as ever. Same with other games like world of tanks.


It runs at 12 fps while its plugged in and 30 fps off the battery. Is there any way to change it cause its annoying only playing for 2 hours and then needing to recharge it for 2 more.

I see no way to maximize battery life while the system is plugged in. For one reason or another, when the system is optimizing battery life, the games run smoother. I can find a way to edit the settings for the integrated graphics, but the dedicated graphics are a no-go.



I looked in the (very limited) nVidia control panel to no avail. I've also set the thing to use High Performance, Balanced, and Energy Star plans, all yielding the same results.


Video card driver and Bios(v2.03) are the latest one



A few users tried this method and the graphic is no longer laggy when playing games on AC Adapter plug-in mode.


1) Click on the settings icon that circled in the image

Y570 Energy Mgmt.jpg


2) Un-check "smart power-saving hard disk" and click Ok.


 Y570 Energy Mgmt.jpg

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andyP On 2014-06-12, 16:08 PM

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