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Y570 Geforce 555m Optimus card does not work


I recently purchased my new notebook (Lenovo Y570) which comes with OPTIMUS integrated Intel graphic card coupled by GeForce GT 555M 1GB. I tried to play some games; however for some reason in game options show, that my Intel HD card is being used as a default graphic card. This suggests that OPTIMUS technology is not switching the graphic card properly.


Below are the things i have tried but the card still will not be used.

  • Change nVidia Control Panel settings in windows by setting the option to use "High performance Nvidia" 
  • Updated nVidia graphic card latest version published on nvidia website (version 275.33) but has error message during installation. It always showed the error message that there is no compatible Nvidia hardware has been found.

I see on Nvidia website this is a common problems with many notebooks on the market using this Optimus Technology. Apparently there is also no way to supress the onboard Intel grahpic card as well.


Does Lenovo offer any sollution to this?


Please make sure you have done these prior to using Optimis card successfully.


  • Install the latest nVidia video card driver from Lenovo Support Site.
  • Ensure the physical switch of discrete graphic card is enabled. Check out this article on how and where to enable the switch.
    Note: If you don't do this, the computer will show the Optimus Card 555M as being installed, but it will only use the HD 3000 graphic on the CPU. 

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Karpov360 On 2011-07-31, 6:19 AM

wow thanks for all the help, really thanks for nothing

vladis On 2011-12-06, 19:28 PM



I have the same problem with BSOD because of nvlddmkm.sys on my y570.


Device manager returns an error for  NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M


Device status:

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)


Is there some solution on this please ?

mmeissa On 2013-09-24, 13:39 PM

I have the same problem with my Y570 and it is hardware problem nothing related to drivers etc.

I noticed the problem after transferring all my work to the laptop and give my old laptop back to another employee so it was very hard to return it back to the seller.
I know its hard ware because by accident i put the laptop on a pencil that made some pressure on the botom of the laptop and wow the card is working !!!
I shut it down and removed the pencil and the problem is back :( i think its a bad welding in the motherboard putting small pressure on the bottom "approximately below the F3 button" of the laptop makes the card work.
I ended up disabling the card completely so it dose not make problems.
Recently there is another problem and more serious in the same laptop the network card is doing the same
one day its working and next day it dose not.

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