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Paper Tape
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-22-2011
Location: Canada
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Y570 - Lid Closed Alarm (R.I.C.)

*solved just before I hit post, but figured i'd pass along*


When I close the lid of my laptop without putting it to sleep first, this horrible alarm starts.  Similar to the iphone alarm ringtone:  And this happens even if sound is muted.   The BIOS Power beep is disabled and I couldn't find this in any of the system sounds.


**** solved via finding setting in  Lenovo R.I.C.  ==> Lid Closed Alarm/Notification

Useful feature, but frustrating to figure out how to turn off...  which is good to fool a thief I suppose Smiley Happy   Next feature could be for R.I.C. to figure out if you are in public when this feature is turned on... eg. if I am on my home wifi - it is *probably* ok that i am closing the lid.