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What's DOS?
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Y570 Potential overheating.. please help.

I was on my I5 version of the Y570 laptop, when it died on me.


My GPU was around 80 degrees at the time, but my battery was also very low.


I plugged the charger in, and now it won't turn on.. any help?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y570 Potential overheating.. please help.

I've learned from a different forum that first egneration mobile core i5 AND 7 proccesors are immense power hungry and generate obsene amounts of heat, the likes of which few laptops can handle "Asus G series and Sager in general do" Lenovo Ideapads are NOT built with this in mind, whcih is why tehre are so many god **bleep** threads about overheating Ideapads all over the forums.


I am a victim of this issue as well, which is why I'm getting an Asus next.

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