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Paper Tape
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Y570 Running slow in games

Hellow, i just bought a new Lenovo Y570

Intel i7-2670QM 2.2G


HDD: 750GB

Video: GT 555M 2GB

and i have some weird problems playing some games, for example, when i play GTA IV & Battlefield 3, for every 10 seconds of normal playing i get 1-2 second of lag, and if i reenter the game for the 2-3rd time it`s going smoothly.



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Re: Y570 Running slow in games

issue persists both on battery and ac power?
have you changed power settings ( high performance )
did you switch the graphic cards?
Paper Tape
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Re: Y570 Running slow in games

I`ve tried all things, even the 285.79 drivers, all day i was wondering about the problem, high perfomance, balanced, switched drivers, i switched the nvidia card, all of them and out of solutions....any other great idea will be accepted Smiley Tongue thx
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Re: Y570 Running slow in games

I don't know if this will work, but try different or these setting in the nvidia control panel, eg In 3D manage, program setting tab set to (auto-select Nvidia GPU) and in the gobal setting select "base profile" & "auto select" and in Set PhysX config select "auto-select" instead of high perfomance

Punch Card
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Re: Y570 Running slow in games

My advices are the followings:

- play the game, but in the background open a process monitoring tool

- when the lag comes, check the monitoring tool, to get the information (CPU, RAM usage, ect process name is important)

-check the temperature of the CPU and GPU, monitor it

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y570 Running slow in games

try to play it on ac power bcse this happened to me wn i play on battery
if u still got the prob, try to test it with other games like COD
if not then try to reinstall ur windows ( u can try to check this games on youtube working fine )
Token Ring
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Re: Y570 Running slow in games

Make sure that the Multi-display/Mixed-GPU accelerations is set to "Single display performance mode" and the power management mode is set to "Prefer maximum performance" in the nvidia control panel.


You can see that by right-click on your desktop->Nvidia control panel->Manage 3d settings->Make sure that the high performance Nvidia processor is selected-> scroll down a bit and you'll find these settings.


P.S. Did you do a CLEAN install of the 285.79 drivers?

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