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Y570 awful repair service

2011-10-05, 22:49 PM

To start, I am not one to complain about moderate service.  I have worked in the service industry for years and am sypathetic to those who have do deal with complaints on a daily basis.  


That being said, the service I have received from Lenovo customer support has been inconsistent, incomplete, and overall very poor.  


I recceived my Lenovo Y570 about 3 months ago.  About 3 weeks ago, my switchable graphics switch would not light up.  I tried starting my Nvidia graphics manually, and still nothing.  So I call support, who were actually polite and walked me through some troubleshooting, tried reinstalling drivers and still nothing.  They had me do a system restore (to original settings), still my graphics would not work.  So I was sent a FedEx code to send in my computer to Lenovo, and was told typical turnaround was 7 days.  So, at this point, not a huge deal...Im not thrilled that my 3 month old computer is already going in for repairs, but...oh well.  So, I send it in, wait about 4 days, and decide to call and check my status.  I am told that the motherboard has to be replaced, NOT the graphics card which they had suspected after our first telephone troubleshooting session.  I am told at this point that the motherboard is not in stock, and would not come in for another week.  So I ask if my data will be erased, and am told that it would not since my hard drive was not being replaced.  


At this point I am irritated, but do realize they could not know the problem over the phone, and I would just have to deal...


So after 2 weeks, I received my computer yesterday.  Super excited, I unbox, plug in, and go to test it out.  I immediately notice


1.  My files had ALL been removed



Note:  Enclosed with my computer is a lenovo depot repair center action report, which states "As outlined below, your machine was diagnosed and extensively tested to ensure the correction of reported problems." REALLY???!!!!thoroughly tested eh?


Ok, now im upset.  So, I call Lenovo again, and they walk me through some troubleshooting before taking remote control, and find that the drivers for my graphics card were never reinstalled.  They install them and all is good, or so I think.


Later that night, I try using my microphone, which no longer works.  So, I call Customer support, again.  I'm on the line with them for about 15 minutes before being told their service center is having technical problems and I will have to call back the next day....getting more upset....


So, I call today, speak to a young woman, tell her my issue Im having with the microphone.  She puts me on hold for about 4 minutes, comes back and says she has a new case number and a new FedEx code for me to send in my computer...WHAT?????!!!! I literally just got my computer back, and before even trying to troubleshoot my problem or access my computer remotely, you tell me to send it in?  I told her no, and I needed to speak to a manager.  She puts me on hold again, comes back 3 minutes later and tells me again I need to send it in.  I then have to ask her "Why don't we try troubleshooting, or why dont you offer to access my computer?"....No answer, just put on hold, again.  Finally she comes back and accesses my computer remotely, reinstalls drivers, and problem fixed...and she was originally going to have me send it in...again.


So to sum it up

My 3 month old computer needed a new motherobard.

My fixed computer comes back a week later than expected.

When it is returned, the problem I sent it in to get fixed still is not totally fixed because the drivers were never reinstalled.  (Even though I received a document stating my computer was tested)

I then find my microphone does not work because that driver was also not reinstalled.

When speaking with the customer service representative, I am told immediately to send my computer in again.  Only after I tell her to help me troubleshoot it does she work with me and fix the issue.


This was my issue.  This is the first time I have ever posted on any kind of customer service forum, and to be honest, I would not have, but when I asked customer service to speak to a manager I was told none were available.  I do realize that people typically only post on forums when they are either really happy, or really upset, and that my experience may seem like just a ranting customer.  However, this, in all honesty, is the worst service I have ever had in dealing with ANY product from any manufacturer, and I thought my experience may allow Lenovo to get their act together.





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Re: Y570 awful repair service

2011-10-07, 15:02 PM

Thanks for your detaild information it will help others

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