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I have an ideaPad Y570 i7 8GB framework and GT555M GPU 1GB GDDR5.

When I play the game in which Assassins Creed II and 3 veryBattelfield przyciniaja August, for example, the game goes smoothly, and suddenly begins to cut, and again smoothly. 


What may be the cause of such problems? My drivers from the Gt555 is, and where to download drivers? Lenovo site or from the nvidia? 


I noticed something -  as soon as the power cable is off the laptop and play on the battery, Battelfield goes smoothly even on high settings. 


I'm using GT 555M version 285.79.

I had some problems of lag and freezing, too, until I got these drivers and STOPPED messing with the adjustment.




The newest version 290.56 nvidia drivers is newer than the 285.79 i mentioned above. However, version 290.56 didn't work for me :manmad: and others here in the forum had problems with it as well. 


Try these:

  1. Download 285.79 from
  2. Uninstall the driver in device manager
  3. Delete all entries in Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features.
    programs and features.jpg
  4. Reboot and install version 285.79
    Note: Do not adjust anything. Just go with the default setting the drivers are installed like.


Also, use High Performance setting as your power plan accessed via Control Panel > Power Options 





Try this see how it goes.


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