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Blue Screen Again
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Y570 mSATA SSD confusion


2 years ago i bought my y570 / i7 / 4GB/ 750GB


and everywhere mentioned that Y570 has mSATA support

at the moment of purchase i have asked seller if it support mSATA ssd and seller showed me a place at the bottom where i can open a cap and insert SSD.


few days ago i decided to buy msata ssd (now we have 256GB drives and this is enough not like 2 years ago maximum 64GB ) ... And was unpleasantly surprized when opened a cap ....

There are  no slot to insert mSATA SSD ... Ssd drive seller said that probably there also not exists wiring and controller etc as well...


What the hell !!! Smiley Sad how can i know if there doesnt exist slot only (so in lenovo service they can insert it) or it is not support mSATA ssd at all ?


and separate question to the lenovo representatives here - WHY nowhere clearly said that some laptops of the same series doesnt have support of some key features .... Everywhere said that y570 has support of msata ssd Smiley Sad


the seller answered me that manufacturer can change device specs and he as a seller cant open every laptop to be sure that all slots are there and so on, and i understand him - he is right but lenovo company up to me is not Smiley Sad


at least thanks god i still have 2 slots for memory at least on this Lenovo decided not to save few bucks ...


Im really disappointed now,  because presense of mSATA ssd support was one of the most important selection criteria ...

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Re: Y570 mSATA SSD confusion



I'm not familiar with the Y570, but I'd like to understand the issue a little better.


Typically the mSATA/mini PIC-e slot is a multi-purpose slot: SSD or WWAN card, for instance.  I'd expect it to be under the little door shown in this image.


Do you already have a TV tuner or WWAN card in that slot, or is the connector completely missing?






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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y570 mSATA SSD confusion

this is how it looks like, as you see there is no slot for it but im also not sure if there exists wireing and controller and the rest what is required ... If lenovo didnt plug in slot probably it doesnt support it at all ? Can you advice me how i can know this ? May be would be enough to solder slot in the lenovo service and everything will work ? I can disassemble laptop to look at the chips inside i just dont know what and where i should look for to determine if only slot is absent or msata not supported at all :\


btw i see there pins on the board, probably i can apply ssd to them to check ? msata ssd is "pluga nd play"  ? Or may be check if these pins has tracks on the board and check if these tracks connect6ed to smth but not to empty slots on the motherboard ? or may be you can recommend me to search for some chips in some positions on the motherboard ?


Link to picture


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