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Y570 msata port speed and RAM limit

When I first bought my leno you I went over the specs thoroughly, and found out you could also buy them with a 64gb msata ssd drive. I thought to myself " Self, I can just upgrade that myself later, instead of overpaying for having them do it for me." Everything on this site, and the specs for the you on newest all say 64gb is the max for a msata ssd, and it's only a sata 2 connection anyways. Well i'm am here to tell you that is FALSE. I installed a mushkin atlas 240gb msataSSD in a y570, and it is working flawlessly. The system recognized it no problem, and it gets full sata-III/6Gbps speeds. Also the 8gb limit on these machines is complete nonsens. Wheni  upgraded to this Mushkin ssd, i also grabbed 16gb of . Which also works flawlessly, the i7 in here with the vt-x extensions, it's really amazing what you can do. I had win 8(2gb), win2k12server(4gb), os x,backtrack linux(1gb),fedora 17(1gb), and Android ICS(768mb), all running in vmware with almost no lag at all. Every desktop was responsive, and i was **bleep** impressed. I understand why lenovo doesn't want you thinking you can do this stuff w their consumber branded ideadpads, but these are highly capable machines and i just wanted everybody to know that. Wait a few more months(xmas comes to mind), and you'll be able to put a 512gb msata in that slot Smiley Very Happy Hope this helped Smiley Happy I hate that they lie to us, just so we'll buy their thinkpad producsts....ugggh.

This one below is compressible data


benchmark -CDM - compressible.JPG


Compressiblebenchmark sata3.JPG

benchmark -CDM - compressible.JPG




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Re: Y570 msata port speed and RAM limit

AWESOME! You just answered two of my most wanted to-be-answered questions! I am so glad you can use that msata port on the Y570 (its the one that has its own cover about 1in by 2in, right?) Mine is empty. I am considering buying a 64GB ssd for my OS. Also I am thrilled you managed to get 16GB of ram in there! Wonderful!

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