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I m unable to get decent internet speed from WiFi Link 1000 BGN Wireless adapter. LAN adapter works great. Other Laptop on same wifi router works great +30mbps up/down, Me on cabel has +30mbps up/down, max speeds can get up to 100mbps, thats why i need N.


So my problem:

on wifi its is 1mbps down / 30mbps up (n mode - enabled on adapter) 

slow download 1.png


on wifi its is about 20mbps down /20mbps up (n mode - disabled on adapter) 

slow download 2.png



Having tried on another laptop on same router (same perf as wired) to try to rule out issues with the router, I found:

comparison system download.png


Tried setting router to 20/40/auto frequencies, enabeling WMM, Setting finxed and auto chanels, setting security to WPA2-PSK/AES, and none at all, but problem persists.




After ensuring the latest wifi drivers are installed and that performance is not being limited by the particular router, or network security settings used, try booting windows in safe mode and re-run speed test.


This can help identify installed software applications running in the background which could be affecting results..


In safe mode, performance improved as expected, 30mbps download.

speedtest fast.png

In this particular case, ESET NOD32 v5 Antivirus seemed to be interacting in a way as to cause the discrepancy. Uninstalling nod32 solved the issue.  Once a particular application is noted, check for available updates to see if it can be restored to use.  

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I have an ideacenter desktop and it is brand new. It has very slow speed test and other computers in my home have much faster speeds. I dont know what to do! I tried resetting to factory settings and have installed all updates. I would very much appreciate any help!