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Fanfold Paper
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Y570 with SSD

I recently bought a Y570, I wanted one with SSD but it was out of stock. I just want to ask can I install a SSD on my Y570? I want to keep the HDD and install an extra SSD so what kind of SSD should I buy? What kind of SSD Lenovo uses? Thanks

Community Moderator
Community Moderator
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Re: Y570 with SSD

There is no whitelist for SSDs, so you can install whichever brand you wish, as long as you have a spare hard drive bay.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Y570 with SSD

What model SSD is established in Y570? Whether I can to buy SSD, establish it and adjust so that was loaded for 10 seconds?


Paper Tape
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Re: Y570 with SSD

I just ordered a Y570 08622JU model from newegg and I couldn't find out if this model has more than one drive bay. If there is could have my second drive be a ssd, and what kind of ssd drive would you reccomend? Thanks for any answers. Lenovo hasn't posted mush info about this model other than it's a Y570.

Paper Tape
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Y570 SATA Port

I bought a Y570 to use CAD and other graphics/processor intense programs.  Now I want to install a SSD (I don't have a rapid drive like certain Y570 models have).  I couldn't find it in the manual or online, so my question is if this laptop has a SATA II or SATA III port.  I'd like to use a SSD to its full potential, so I don't want to buy a SATA III capable SSD but limit its bandwidth on a SATA II port. 



What's DOS?
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Re: Y570 SATA Port

Hey, signed up for the bords JUST to report this:

This laptop is SATA III confirmed. I just put a Vertex 3 SSD in here and im hitting the SATA III bandwidth levels
What's DOS?
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Betreff: Y570 with SSD

Do you know,  SSD 510 Series (SATA 6Gb/s) is compatible or not?

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Betreff: Y570 with SSD

you can check hardware manual for compatible devices:
Punch Card
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Re: Y570 with SSD

if this is sata iii 6gbs then do you think the g770 also with hm65 would have sata iii port?

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