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I recently purchased a Lenovo Y580 and installed a 120GB SSD drive with a fresh install of Windows 7. I downloaded and installed all of the drivers from Lenovo's site, but am still unable to use the "graphics" button on the laptop; the button that's near the right speaker. I take this to mean that my Y580 is not switching between Intel and Nvidia.


How do I enable the automated graphics card switching, where the system chooses whether to use the Nvidia card or the Intel onboard graphics?


  • Press the revoery button before startup to get into the Bios menu.
  • From there you want to move down to get the list Configuration.
  • Then look for Graphic device.
  • Make sure it is on "switchable" graphics instead of "UMA" graphics to have the Nvidia graphics card active. 



  • Also in the Nvidia Control panel you will need to pic each program individually so that the switchable graphics will run on INtel or Nvidia.




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