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Y580 - Total recovery - install issue

Good evening,


i got my Y580 since 2012 and two weeks back i restored to factory setting. About 3 days later of that factory reset my partition's file system has been changed from NTFS to RAW. I made some homework and it could be because of badly made restoration. I spent literally all day long on Google to figure out how to recover data from HDD. I get some of the most important data so i was not that mad.

But here my misery started. I had to obviously do stuff with my SATA HDD and SSD HDD and i mean lot of stuff, i do not even remember, how many hours i spent in diskpart and what i did there. In short, i could not recover from LENOVO_PART because it was deleted by me.

I made again some research on Google and it has been told to me that only Total recovery disks from Lenovo can help me. So i ordered them, downloaded them a burned them on DVD because i get .iso ones.

After booting first DVD and successful creation of partitions as setup says, i put 2nd DVD and about in 10 mnts setup interupts and say: "Error operation system installation" and its done.

I get curious so i picked up my backup Windows 7 install disk and get to the installation. I noticed that Total recovery made 2 partitions, one LENOVO_PART - 25 GB and other one, 4,5 GB aprox. It installs OS on SSD instead of SATA disk.

I am out of ideas what could be wrong, because since yesterday's morning (about 20 hours) i spent again on Google and tried to figure out what could be wrong.

I tried literally everything, from making partitions for Y580 from tutorial here on support to trying to merge SATA and SSD disk together with RapidDrive.


Please help me, if you need any more information or screens, let me know.


PS: I wrote to Lenovo support in my country and guy made sure me that i got right one recovery disks.

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