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Blue Screen Again
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Y580 Trackpad (or Touchpad) Help



1) I just bought the Y580 online. The trackpad is terrible.


- How do I make the right-side and bottom touch scrolling to work ? just like a normal laptop ??


- I changed the sensitivity settings and inspite of that the motion of the cursor is not uniform. When the right side of my finger is contact with it, the cursor stops moving a little and it is okay with the center of my finger.

Do any of you experience this? If not, I need to get this looked into. I don't think the problem is with the software, it's just the material with which the trackpad is made, does not have a right coefficient of friction.


- The two finger scrolling does not start. When I do the two finger scroll, the cursor change is seen almost 10 seconds later and even after that, it is almost impossible to scroll through my pages. Is that the case for everyone?



- The left/right click on the trackpad is noisy


2) Made the mistake a buying a lower resolution screen.

How do I return this thing? When I talked to sales they are asking for a 15% "restocking" fee. That is terrible as well.


I never should have gone with Lenovo.



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Re: Y580 Trackpad (or Touchpad) Help

- Not sure if there is a right side and bottom touch scrolling, will test it tonight

- not uniform? Means if you place your finger on the right side of the touchpad then move to the center compared to the center move to the left, the distance is different?

- 2 finger scrolling not tested, will check it tonight

- I am not sure how to help you with the touchpad being noisy when clicking. Do note that this is a 1 piece touchpad compared to the conventional touchpad with 2 buttons below which is different. Use double tap on touchpad to do a left click but right click is unavoidable.

- low res screen... can check with sales if you can top-up for upgrade?

hope this helps.

*Non Lenovo employee*

I have a Y530 ... Feel free to highlight any post which you have posted on the forum to me if no one have chimed in.

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