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What's DOS?
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Y580 & NVIDIA 3D Vision via HDMI

I recently purchased a Y580 with the GeForce 660M with Optimus... I know the 660M supports NVIDIA 3D Vision to a compatible external TV/Monitor via HDMI. But with the Optimus technology auto-switch, would the 3D Vision capabilities still be available if I were to connect such a monitor. Or is the HDMI powered by the Intel HD Graphics?


I would make a decision to purchase a 3D capable monitor based on this.

What's DOS?
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Betreff: Y580 & NVIDIA 3D Vision via HDMI

Maybe a little bit to late for you but i think its also important for other customers.


Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 is NOT Nvidia 3D Vision compatible!


You can't switch Nvidia Optimus off or deactivate the Intel HD Graphic.

Not in Windows nor in the Bios...also not with an unlocked Bios.


The HDMI Port sends the Signal to the intern Intel-Card so there is no way

to use Nvidia 3D Vision with this Notebook! Its an hardware problem an there is no software solution.


You can try other software to render 3D like TriDef3D oder iZ3D (also from nvidia) but 3D-Vision is a way easier. For 3D Movies you don't need any software because your 3D-TV does the rest.
 But for games i also need 3D-Vision....too bad i already bought this notebook!


thanks for the stupid construction. nvidia optimus sucks without an option to deactivate it.


i searched a lot to find a workaround but i had no luck.

maybe i helped some of you with this informations.






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