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Y580 defaulting to HD 4000 in source engine games

Hey everyone. Just got a Y580 a couple of days ago (the 750gb HDD, 16GB SSD configuration) and it's a really great laptop so far, but I've been having trouble with every source engine game I've tried to play (HL2, HL2 Ep: 1 & 2, Counterstrike Source, etc.). Basically there is no way for me to utilize the 660m in any source game. It always defaults to HD 4000 graphics. When I click on a game through Steam, I get a message that says my graphics card doesn't appear in their database and the "description" says "Intel HD 4000 graphics."


I also manually set the individual games as well as Steam through the Nvidia control panel to default to "high performance Nvidia processor," but it does no good. Still defaults to HD 4000 graphics. I get lackluster fps and a gimped selection of graphical options (ie, shadows only go to "medium," stuff like that).


I updated the drivers for both the 660m and HD 4000. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y580 defaulting to HD 4000 in source engine games


Well if you already have the lastest Nvidia Drivers, try running STEAM in Admin mode, sometimes it helps, also be sure to set your global settings (on nvidia control panel)to  your high performance proc, also set it for individual games to leave no stones unturned. 

Also be sure to have the lastest chipset drivers.

Hope that helps mate.

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