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Installed my Y580 with a new 128gb SSD. The system is smoother and faster now that before when i had onyl the HDD

However I get a flicker on the screen after the welcome screen and then the dektop shows up as normal afterwards. I have seen this only on one other forum and someone there suggested more than a year ago something called F.Lux in the start up causing that.


Any suggestions ? I dont want the screen to be damaged due to these random flickers.


in additio there is a small delay (pause) on the windows 7 screen where the four lobes meet to make the logo. (maybe a second as well) any solutons ?


You will require to uninstall the VGA drivers and reboot to see if the screen flickers persist, If it does not you will require to download the lates driver from the suppport site and then separately update the intel hd graphics driver from intel site.

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