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Paper Tape
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Y580 so hot

i've got Y580 with i7 processor, FHD and 16GB ram.

while idle on energy saving mode it has got ~50Celcius degrees.

Idle on Dynamic Lenovo graphics ~60Celcius.

Playing Battlefield 3 it has got ~90 Celcius degree Processor and ~85degree GTX Gpu.

I am doing everything with an cooling pad :


I think these temperatures are a little bit high. What do You think?


I have tried clean air vents using lenovo app and compressed air.

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Re: Y580 so hot

Both idle and load temps are good, I think. Yes, load temps seem to be high, but mine y570 has worked for almost two years with similar temps, and I haven't had any problems at all with it; these temps are common for gaming laptops. But I still recommend you to continue monitoring the temps for some time to be sure that CPU doesn't get hotter than 93-95 degrees; though modern processors start throttling only on 100+, cooler is always berrer.

Token Ring
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Re: Y580 so hot

They seem a bit high to me but its not really alarming. Not much you can do about it unless you want to pull the motherboard and replace the thermal heat paste on your processors. I'm going to be doing so myself in the near future. Factory paste is crap and overapplied from what I hear.

Paper Tape
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Re: Y580 so hot

So i will monitor temps. Thanks for reply Smiley Wink

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