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Fanfold Paper
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Y70-70 A Lot of Problems

hey everyone,

i recently bought a new lenovo y70-70 touch

16 gb ram and the 1tb+8gb hard drive


i am usig it for about week now 

and i really don't feel that i am using a high performance laptop.


i had created a user, installed all of the system and hardware updates including the gpu the wi-fi and sound and win 8.1 updates

that all the programs i had also installed:

-sketchup 14

-adobe master suite

-office 14

-norton 360


-vlc player

-gta iv

-hitman assasination


when i play iv or hitman it's working o.k on high settings but not on the highest, beside it's getting hot after something like 15 minutes of playing and the fan is start to whistle like he is a part of a gospel,


it's take him about 70-80 sec to turn on until he is ready for work,


opening chrome from the desktop when no other thing working takes me about 15-16 sec just to open the browser and load the home page, and when i have more than 10-12 tabs opend it really start to stuck and again thats withount anything opend on the background, 

and not only chrome also sketchp and office, it's just too much time for them just to open,


the battery actually really drive me crazy when it's fully charged and working on battery it lasts barely 2 hours with brightness on 60% and with a regular use (browser, word, power point)


but the thing that is really unacceptable is the wi-fi adapter, everytime i close my laptop and open it again, even for a few seconds when it's back on the wi-fi signal is lost and cannot renewed until i go to adapters settings and disabling and enableing the wi-fi adapter-that's really ridiculus,


i dont really feel that this is what i have payed for it dosent feel like an i7 quad core with 16 gb ram

and i expect a 1600$ laptop to at least work normally,

frankly my old desktop has 2.5ghz E6700 dual core with 4gb ram nvidia gt 410 and 256gb hd and it feels that he is working better chromes opens instantly also office and everything else even the boot time is half of time of the y70


is that really normal that i am encountering all of those problems?

what can i do to solve those lags?


i am starting to regret that i bought it, and i had lenevo t410 thinkpad for 5 years-worked like an animal so thats the reason i chose lenovo again,


and even that i gave up on 4 sodimm slots, and on the turbo mode of the i7 processor which lenovo decided to shut down,

and you know what i am also ok with the fact that there is only one sata slot and not even aditional pci.e for another hd

and i am also ok with the fact that this laptop is like a fingerprint magnet,

but i have to work on this computer i bought it because i thought it would help me to work faster but it's only makes me slower


please guys help me i am really dont know what else to do

Lenovo Y70-70T - Intel Quad-core 4th gen i7-4710HQ @2.50Ghz - 16GB RAM - Samsung Evo 512GB SSD - 1080p FHD - Nvidia 860GTX 4GB
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y70-70 A Lot of Problems

Wow, not much help going on here!

Sad to admit, this will be my first foray into Win8 :-0

Is this your first win8 machine? If so, I'll be getting fustrated right along with you by next week, lol

I'll post back on any work arounds.

One thing I did learn already, do not link to cloud untill you get your OS/machine humming along.

I heard that there is some bloatware and the inevidible spyware that needs to keep the users as well trained consumers, we shall see.


I will also be upgrading the harddrive with a SAMSUNG 840 EVO MZ-7TE1T0BW, but I'll be destroying the OS on the stock hard drive. Suspect I'll just get a win 8.1 OEM for a fresh install...

Paper Tape
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Re: Y70-70 A Lot of Problems

I was considering this machine but am a bit troubled by what I see here - anyone else seeing these issues? I hope it might be some preinstalled stuff that you can get rid of - I wondered, have you tried tools like sysinternals process monitor, autoruns and process explorer to see if it is any bloatware?

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