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Y70 Touch arrived 2 days ago & I'm returning it. :-(

I bought a Y70 Touch from the Lenovo site and it arrived two days ago. Right out of the box, I found that the touch screen was not working. I thought maybe there was a setting to disable touch, but couldn't find one anywhere.


I called tech support and after giving the tech support person remote access to the Y70, and then resetting it completely, we were still unable to get the touch screen to work at all.


I also think there may be a problem with the touch pad.


When I click the left or the right "buttons" on the integrated pad, the plate has two distinct stages of travel. The first is very shallow and requires very little pressure, BUT pressing it only that far does not is not actually detected by the system as a click. Then, once it has been clicked to that level, exerting additional heavier pressure pushes the plate down so that it bottoms out and it finally registers as a click. This is true of both the left and right side.


Because of these two stages of the total travel, registering a click takes excessive effort, and produces a kind of "double" clicking sound as each level is reached.


A first I thought that maybe there was a setting for the track pad where I could tell it to respond to the "shallower" level of travel, but that doesn't seem to be the case. (Note that I am not talking about *tapping* lightly on the pad, which does register as a click, as expected. The first "shallow" level of plate travel is reached by actually pressing down onto the place and moving it.)


When I described this to the tech support person, he said it sounded like there was probably something wrong with it.


So I have just received an RMA and will be returning it to Lenovo.


Having two such issues right out of the box is pretty unusual in my experience. Does anyone know if these two issues or similar issues are at all common, either with the Y70 or Lenovo laptops more generally. so I don't know what to think. so I don't know what to think.


I was really excited to get the Y70, but now I don't know what to think. I'd like to order another one, but I'd like to get some idea if I just happened to get a lemon, or if this is a pattern with Lenovo's QA.



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