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What's DOS?
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Y700-15ISK 3D (doom) dreadfully slow

i have just bought a new y700-15ISK and trying to play DOOM.

According to youtube videos I've seen, this should be absolutely no problem.


I installed the latest intel and nvidia drivers from the lenovo website, I upgraded the bios to the latest version, and configured the graphics to use the nvidia gpu.


Yet even at the lowest quality settings possible, I get only 8 fps in the start screen. once the game starts, it drops to 2 fps. The in-game diagnostics say that it uses the nvidia card, but that is impossible. It seems as if behind the scenes, the intel takes over again.


I searched on the internet and found severa; people with similar issues, but no solutions. Does anyone here have a suggestion on how to proceed, other than returning the laptop and buying a different brand?



What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-01-2016
Location: BE
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Re: Y700-15ISK 3D (doom) dreadfully slow

I feel silly now for posting, but I figured it out right after posting this. I figured I should post the solution just in case others having the same problem find this:


After installing all drivers, I discovered that having and using the latest nvidia driver is no good if you don't have the latest nvidia 'game ready' drivers, and these are not updated automatically.


So I opened the gameready app via the system tray, updated the gameready driver, and re-scanned for compatible games. It found doom, suggested the change of some settings, and allowed me to launch doom, running at excellent frame rates.


I still don't understand why this would be a problem. Last I knew, games supported 3d drivers. 3d drivers didn't support individual games. As long as the graphics drivers were up to date, the game should be able to use them. But then again my last 3d gaming experience was Quake3Arena on a Core2Duo With a Geforce 7950 :-)

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