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Paper Tape
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Y700-15ISK screen shutting off and computer unresponsive

I bought my Y700-15ISK on 24/06/16 and within an hour or so of use the screen went black and the computer didn't seem to respond to anything (except toggling the keyboard backlight with Fn-space). The computer itself did not shut down as indicated by the keyboard lights. This kept repeating itself several times at seemingly random intervals and the computer would only return to normal after a hard shut down by holding the power button and power back up again.


I've seen several other complaints on the forums regarding this problem, one of which was tagged as solved and contained a broken link to Lenovo's solution. The following link was found elsewhere and seems to refer to the same problem:


Though here the link for the BIOS update is broken (which is version 30 anyway, and the one on my computer is 34). Later I found a page on Lenovo's site cached by Google (original is dead) containing update 35 for this model's BIOS but it doesn't seem to install correctly and I still have version 34. I've also seen talk of update 35 causing trouble for other users.


I've updated all relevant drivers as well and the computer is not heating up, running the fans loudly or acting strangely otherwise when this issue occurs.


I have sent a message to Lenovo but will probably only get a response after the weekend. As far as I can piece together they might have released a bad update to counteract this and have taken it down, but that is only an assumption. Does anyone have any info or ideas regarding the problem, the solution for it or at least Lenovo's current state in fixing it?

Paper Tape
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Re: Y700-15ISK screen shutting off and computer unresponsive

I have a similar issue. I bought my laptop in Lenovo MExico on june 2nd and it arrived on june 14th (even though it said delivery up to 4 days). I have a Y700-15ISK model 80NV00J7LM and until yesterday it worked fine, but yesterday it suddenly died . I power the laptop on and the only thing it happens is the power button leds turn on, the keyboard's back-lit turns on and then everything turns off. The HDD blinking led does not blink at all, the screen is black as night (it doesn't even turn on, it does not get energized and the Lenovo logo thus is not shown). Briefly: it seems that the POST process is not being executed.


This could be an issue with a memory (out of place or defective) or something with the BIOS or even the MB is defective. I don't want to open the laptop as this may void warranty (though I found a post where it says this does not void warranty as there are parts we as users can replace on our own, but I need confirmation before doing so).


Even more, I didn't find where I can issue an e-Ticket to get this thing repaired or replaced, I'm very disappointed with Lenovo on this. The laptop is not cheap at all, it's high end and this certainly loweres my confidence on Lenovo's quality and service.


I found this link that is also related:


Any one from Lenovo to shed some light? What should we do?

Paper Tape
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Re: Y700-15ISK screen shutting off and computer unresponsive

Here's a link to a video of this issue taken a couple of days ago:

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