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Y700 explorer.exe crash loop after Windows 10 October update, why no official response from Lenovo?

2017-01-21, 2:27 AM

My Lenovo Y700 has been suffering from an issue since October of 2016, one which I imagine many people on this forum (or at least those of you who have also purchased this laptop model) are aware of. The issue itself wouldn't bother me, if it wasn't for Lenovo's gross negligence and seeming apathy towards customers with the issue. Here is the story behind my infuriation:

I bought the Lenovo Y700-15ACZ laptop back in February from my local Best Buy, at the cost of nearly 900USD (including tax), to replace my old Dell laptop, and up until late October I was relatively satisfied with the purchase. Then Windows sent out their latest updates for the AMD graphics driver. At this time, I had no idea what was going on, so I brought the laptop to Geek Squad, at the same Best Buy from which I bought the computer. They explained to me that the issue was caused by an incompatibility between the built-in motherboard graphics card and the AMD video card, a result of the most recent graphics update at the time. So, I had them roll back the computer to before the update in question was released, and disable all automatic updates. It's a good temporary solution, but as many of us probably know, disabling updates means that security updates, as well as graphics updates, will not install, thus putting my computer at an increased risk of malware infection. So, after three months of leaving my Lenovo update-less, I decided that I've tempted fate long enough, and called Geek Squad to arrange an appointment. One of their employees told me that Lenovo and Windows had released a patch fix to address this issue, so I brought the laptop in today and they re-enabled automatic updates. Turns out the employee was misinformed or flat-out lying, because the issue returned in full force once I finished updating the laptop, and now I am in the middle of doing a full system restore to fix it temporarily.

As far as I'm concerned, the blame lies with Geek Squad, Microsoft, and Lenovo all in equal partitions: Geek Squad for being uninformed about serious issues like this; Microsoft for not releasing updates with consideration for specific design specifications of laptops like those developed by Lenovo; and Lenovo for not attempting (as far as I've seen) to work with Microsoft and find a solution to this glaring issue, as well as not even saying a single word to their customers aside from "Update the driver/BIOS or do a hard reset" which clearly does not fix the issue. If Lenovo values my patronage and wishes for me to keep faith in their products for the forseeable future, I expect at least some kind of official response from them regarding their knowledge of the issue, and that they are actively working (with Microsoft if needed) to fix this critical problem.


In summation, when, if ever, can I expect a fix for this issue? And yes, I understand that Microsoft is ultimately responsible for software updates and their errors, but as I said before, Lenovo should at least attempt to get in contact with Microsoft to streamline the process, and they should inform their customers of whether or not they are doing so.


EDIT: System restore seemed to fail for some reason, so I went into Safe Mode and disabled the Radeon AMD R9 driver. After that, the issue seems to have disappeared, but playing games on the laptop has now become extremely difficult. Still, it seems to be a good workaround as a temporary fix. Still awaiting an official response from Lenovo regarding this issue and how they plan to handle it, however.

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