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Y710-4054 I got a lemon - repaired more than used, customer care ( dont care ) customer support ..

On the 13th of March I bought a Y710 laptop after checking that this model is supported here in Australia ( it is ). I imported it from the U.S, and it arrived 2 days prior to my leaving for business trip to Italy. I opened it up and straight away noticed the screen/graphics was "snowing"  - no chance to exchange it, as I had get on the plane.


Whilst in Italy the screen got so bad I could not see any photos etc, (graphics card/screen?) and then I noticed the game zone melting the plastic, from the inside out!  I returned home (15th May/09) and arranged to get it repaired - 2 weeks later I’ve still got the laptop and I’m starting to bitch to Lenovo, 2 phone calls later I get the Australian agent to pick up the machine.(27th May/09)

They replace the following parts:

11010043 – LT71 DISPLAY BOARD 07568-1 4L
31033094 – LT71 1.54-in OLED LCD UG-2864ASOCG01
31033037 – LT71 OLED HOLDER Module 60.4X016.001
11010115 – LT71 965GM MB 55.4x001.031G

 The laptop comes backa month later (26th June/09) - it lasts 3 weeks then the same problems are back, so I contact lenovo again. This time they pick it up after only a week.(22nd Sept/09) I’m in shock - but my surprise at the prompt pick-up service is soon brought back to earth. It arrives back to me 3 days later.(25th Sept /09)

This time they replaced:


I open it up and its as bad as the day I got it  GREAT REPAIR JOB !!. So I’m back on the phone to Lenovo (30th Sept/09 )

30th Sept rang support spoke with Jim ( Malaysian with U.S accent)  informed Jim machine not working, Jim stated he will contact me re repair CASE no AN122617
1st Oct spoke with female Cindy who stated I should receive my laptop soon ( advised her it already back and awaiting return AGAIN ) – left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

6th Oct Thought I'd be clever and get an English speaking person - rang the U.S. customer care dept from Australia.... and guess what, - I get put through to Jim in Malaysia.....geographical oddity - all calls go to Malaysia. Where as it turns out, they have names like Jim, Andrew and Irvin and speak with a U.S accent. 
6th Oct contacted support ( Australia) to make complaint about the terrible support, advised to speak with Craig Mxxxxx – left messages on Mxxxx's voice mail 1.15pm / 2.03pm / 3.40pm

7th Oct I can see where this is all going  - so I decide to bite the bullet and get an extended warranty, for my Y710 Lemon. I ring Lenovo AUstralia, pay $270 and I’m set, additional 2years warranty ontop of the 1yr manufacturers, covered until March 2010.No problem with the warranty, it available to me here in Australia, as its a supported model laptop. Yeah... I’m thinking that’s why I got it in the first place.
8th Oct contacted support Australia again and asked why Craig Mxxxxx had not returned my messages? – female offered to send an email to Greg Mxxxxx again to advise him of my complaint
8th Oct contacted support ( Malaysia ) asked Irvin when the machine will be picked up  - advised he will contact me, with shipping details  ( box not required, as I have 2 from previous repairs)
12th Oct contacted customer support .......HELLO !– I’m still waiting pickup of a stuffed machine.
26th Oct contacted support ( Australia ) Sharon, told her that I cannot get the machine picked up - enquires by Sharon reveal pickup cancelled by DHL for unknown reasons. Things just get better and better. Sharon advised pick-up ( new one ) can only be arranged by customer support ( maylasia ) suggest I speak with female Jasmin.
26th Oct contacted support (Malaysia) spoke with Cindy/Bindy ? Jasmin is on leave, Andrew is her replacement until she returns . BUT Andrew is unavailable. Andrew will contact you ASAP.
26th Oct  spoke with Andrew who stated he had received an email from Lenovo Australia.  I explained situation as listed above.....Andrew said he would look into a replacement. Andrew will speak with management and get a decision, ASAP
27th   Oct - Andrew still looking into replacement
28th - Andrew still waiting for response from management
 4th Nov contacted support AGAIN... spoke with Andrew, informed him of my dissatisfaction, and advised him I would allow a further 7 days before placing the matter before the small claims tribunal
5th Nov contacted support Australia spoke with sally who advised me to put a complaint in writing and email

10th Nov  advised by Andrew (customer care Malaysia ) WHERE ELSE .....he was still waiting for a result from management.

15th Nov contacted Lenovo AUstralia spoke to Harry to ask him why they are bouncing my extended warranty  registration email,  I paid for on the 7th Oct? Harry will contact me later in the day with an answer.

15th Nov email sent advising of suitable W700 replacement (Y710) no longer available– received automated email stating Andrew is now on leave until 23/Nov, Jasmine to followup

17th Nov Rang Lenovo ( maylasia ) spoke with Sunny re lack of resolution  -  no contact by Jasmin/Andrew/Irvin/Jim/Cindy etc

17th Nov email from Jasmine (customer care maylasia ) – awaiting resolution....STILL

19th Nov email from Jasmine replacement not approved, she is speaking with management about repairs

What the hell does that mean - wont replace it  - we'll see if we are going to fix it ...are YOU SERious !!Smiley Mad

19th Nov contact Lenovo AUstralia spoke with supervisor ( Harry ) why haven’t you returned my call regarding the warranty?. He said because the guy who deals with the warranty registrations ........wait for it WHO"S IN MALAYSIA....suprise supriseSmiley Surprised

well he hasn't bothered to return his emails about the warranty


I originally bought this Lenovo laptop because it has an international support web ( completely contained in Malaysia it seems ) that was reliable. Issue( god forbid I would have any ) Would, I assume be resolved promptly and professionally.


That’s the situation as of today’s date - decide for yourself if you should buy from this company. I have done everything possible, and given them every opportunity to bring this to a fair and reasonable conclusion.

I think I’ll go back to Sager.


Moderator note; full name of Lenovo employee edited in accordance with forum rules

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