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Y710 and the configuration of 4 gb Ram

Can anyone explain why Lenovo is offerring 4gb of Ram when the 32 bit vista only recognizes 3.  Should I buy the 2 gb computer and add ram?  And, is the T8100 worth the increase in $'s over the T57--?

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Re: Y710 and the configuration of 4 gb Ram

Well, not only Lenovo but all laptopmakers offer 4-gb-RAM products with 32-bit OS. I suggest it's policy, dictated by Microsoft. If you want to use 64bit Vista you can upgrade to 64-bit. Also I heared there're some customize options in formong order about that. This system is not used in my country, so can't tell for sure.


T8100 really worth its price - it benefits great comparing to 57xx Intel processors. It heats less, cooler works quiter, it works faster and you even can overclock it if you want with noawareness of temperature mode up to 3,125 Ghz (there was a report somewhere around of that in forum).



And yes, I'd prefer to buy 2-gb lap[top and add one stick. Mind the fact that there're two 1 gb sticks inside, so you will have to sell one and buy one 2-gb-stick.

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