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Y710 "Display driver atikmdag stopped responding"

At odd times, the display blanks out for a couple of seconds and a popup from the system tray says "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. Display driver atikmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered." Not always true - sometimes I get the blue screen and sometimes the machine simply hangs. I found Microsoft posts blaming this on the graphics chip manufacturer and internet posts blaming it on Vista - Who knows? Anyway, I uninstalled the display adapter completely via Device Manager, deleted the driver files from the hard drive, installed the latest driver from Lenovo (8.453.0.000 1/22/08) and the problem didn't go away. Repeated the process, installing the latest driver from AMD (same version) and the problem remains. Can anyone help me?



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Re: Y710 "Display driver atikmdag stopped responding"

This is VGA chip/driver problem.

You can try uninstalling driver and live two/three days without i you'll still be able to get almost as high resolution as it was). If laptop as well is naughty during that period - your chip is faulty and needs to be repaired.

As well it may be a chip itself fault (as I sad above) but it can come up only at full load. so theres a chance you'll not have a chance to whether it is driver or chip by this way.


Try getting latest desktop drivers for ATI graphics and them google for "ATI mobility modder" - you'll have drivers that will tell whether your old driver was guilty or chip itself. If everything keeps screwing - it's likely the chip that is broken. If everything works fine - it's driver.

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