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Y720 GPU switches randomly iGPU for split second

Y720 GPU switches randomly iGPU for split second and causes frame rate drop.

More exactly since yesterday I was experiencing frame drops in one particular game it was late at night and I tought its windows 10 at it whit updates and stuff.

Today I investigated and it turns out that my gtx 1060 core usage drops to 20%ish and iGpu spikes up from ~15 to 60, 70% as if the main gpu crashes and and everything falls on the iGpu.

I downgraded from latest intel drivers and geforce to the ones from lenovo no avail but I noticed every game has an improvement in FPS with 5-10 fps.

Everything is set to maxim performance, laptop is plugged in.

While using the laptop with an external display there are no fps drops, iGPU stays at 0% usage and performance in games is improved again.

Also I dont have DSR factors option in nvidia controll panel( this is supported by pascal laptops)

I tried reinstalling buth drivers with DDU.

All I did was to install avg tuneup utilities and debugging some slow windows startup before noticing the frame rate drop.

Theres nothing else happenieverythg the frame drop, ram cpu disk temp  voltage everything stays constant altough gpu power usage fluctuates from 75W to 60w, but constantly.

Tried overclocking undervolting...nothing.


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