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Fanfold Paper
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Z50-70 Battery issues

Hello fellow Lenovo users.

Lately I've been having issues with charging my battery.

Allow me to further elaborate.

My Lenovo Z50-70 came with Windows 8.1 preinstalled, there I have installed Power manager and I was able to enable/disable Battery conservation at will.

A while ago when I updated to Windows 10 I noticed that the battery won't charge past 60% which I didn't mind at first since I haven't had the need for the battery at that time. Now, however, I really do need the battery life and 60% just isn't enough at all...

So I've decided to google the solution since there is no Power management for Window 10 and I've come across a lot of different versions but none of them worked.


This is what I've tried so far:

Uninstalled the Windows ACPI driver - didn't work

Uninstalled the Windows ACPI driver AND Windows AC driver - didn't work

Unplugged the battery and AC, uninstalled the said drivers, turned the system off, held the Power button for 30 seconds - didn't work

Restored default settings in BIOS - didn't work (BIOS is updated to the latest version)

Depleted the battery intentionally (twice) - didn't work

Installed the officiall Lenovo driver - didn't work

The AC adapter is not the issue since it does charge the battery to 60%.


Any help is much appreciated, if anyone knows any other solutions I would be very grateful!

Please help people, I'm desperate! 



Paper Tape
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Re: Z50-70 Battery issues

I had same problems and tried all same solutions with no luck.  However, I dug around on internet and found out that recent microsoft windows updates have been playing havoc on many computers.


I had a lot of windows updates on 7/14/17 and 7/15/17.


I rolled back to earlier restored point, 7/12/17, and now my battery is charging up.


One other thing, on my original roll back, the restore "froze up" and was going on and on and on, so I had to start in "safe mode" and restore to earlier version from there.





Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z50-70 Battery issues

I followed your advice but to no avail. Didn't work.


However, after a few hours of beating about after the initial post I managed to install an Energy Management program from Lenovo for Windows 8.

It works and now I have all options available, even the dust removal tool! 


If anyone needs the fix here is the link for the download I used:



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