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Z50-70 cant upgrade to Windows 10 version 1703

I have been getting failures trying to upgrade to Windows 10 1703 for months. The machines gets into a loop and constantly downloads the upgrade - 5Gb each time, then fails and tries again. After 5 Microsoft techs investigated - the 6th one said my model will never support version 1703 or later.

Do I throw my 2 year old laptop away???

Bit Torrent
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Re: Z50-70 cant upgrade to Windows 10 version 1703

Have you tried just using Microsoft's Media Creation tool to create a Windows 10 Creators Edition Installation DVD (or USB drive), and just running setup off the DVD.     I do that all the time to update new systems that do yet have 1703, and it works just fine; leaving all your files and settings intact.   


Note:   I would suggest that you switch to a local account  if you currently log into your system using a Microsoft Account, and then switch back to a Microsoft after upgrading if desired.  


Note:   While running setup, it will ask if you want to "Download and Install Updates", and I would suggest that you select "Not Right Now" to skip that step and just install the Creators Update as is.    Once 1703 is installed, you can run Windows update to get any later updates installed.


Best of luck,

Bit Torrent
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Re: Z50-70 cant upgrade to Windows 10 version 1703

Microsoft annoyance quite a while back they would be dropping support on a number of system using specific chipsets/CPU. As I recall the majority were low end CPU based systems which Creator would not run on. As long as there is a GPU driver for your system it should work.

The mediacreation tool is the best bet to fix the problem as you can install and with options checked !! Data and Apps are kept (not lost). I went through that on my machine after I had the Creator version. The subsequent months Cumulative Update package would not install (failed a dozen times). MS did the mediacreation tool install and followed up the next day and all was well again.
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