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Z50-70 random turning off, problems with self locking


I have one older device

It is Lenovo Z 50-70 windows 8.1 64bit - freshly installed.

Previously there was some kind of ransomware - so had to reinstall it

Symptoms: When i work on computer it will suddenly turn off completely, or lock itself, so i have to login to windows - like wakeup from hibernation.

Problem with powering the computer: Sometimes if i want to power up the computer i will press the button, then i can hear optical drive spinning and light on numeric keyboard but only for one second. So, i press button it starts to make noise and then i turns off by itself.

Then after 3 or 4 unsuccesful boots it will boot normally without issues, but after some time it will again restart or turn off by itself(working time could be 5 minutes to several hours - it depends on computer when it want to turn off Smiley Happy )


I think that it is some kind of hardware issue, but i am not sure, because previously i installed Lubuntu there and it worked absolutely fine, without any restart or some problems.


I already tried: power hard reset(30 sec.) method, without battery using - cannot boot computer, changing RAM slot, cleaning it with air compressor, reinstalling windows many and many times - still have problem to download updates, tried different AC chargers,


 EDIT: Left the PC to charge over night - experiment

And realised that it charged batery FULLY. 

There is some kind of problem with charging it, if notebook is turned on - shows that AC adapter is connected, but not charging. If battery has only few % (around 20%) it reboots, and lock computer randomly, indication that battery has to be charged.

If notebook is turned off it charges battery without problems.


Some ideas what i should do ?



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