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What's DOS?
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Z51/70 2nd HDD CADDY Problem



I upgraded 1TB HDD to SSD and it works fine. The problem is after I install the origianl HDD to 2nd HDD caddy, windows 10 does not reconize it. When I tried to connect via SATA USB cable, it worked fine (was able to assign a driver letter to the HDD).


So here's my situation.

SSD: All origianl data is migrated (even recoverary D drive) and installed in MB.

HDD: formated and installed via 2nd HDD Caddy.

BIOS: Updated to most recent version (2.00)


In the disk management, it shows as following image:

I do see the HDD spaces, but  nothing appears when I right click these empty volumes.

C and D drives are from the SSD.


Can anyone help me with this issue?


Thanks in advanced! 

Paper Tape
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Re: Z51/70 2nd HDD CADDY Problem

Have this problem to, I wait for some answer, maybe lenovo will bring us BIOS update an then will suport 2-nd  hdd

What's DOS?
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Re: Z51/70 2nd HDD CADDY Problem

Lenovo released a new bios update! Did you try it?

What's DOS?
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Re: Z51/70 2nd HDD CADDY Problem

I just checked and the BIOS verison (2.00) that I have is the most recent version for my Z51-70 Lenovo model.

After I posted this, I've tried couple other caddies from different brands, but they all failed.


If you are using this same model computer and your caddy works, can you please share where you purchased your caddy?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Z51/70 2nd HDD CADDY Problem

i have came to the conculusion there are 2 hardware vevisions of this laptop one that has a less restrictive Optical disk drive interface white list and all the newer ones where they sinched down the whitelist to omit more drives. Updating the bios is not going to help at all unless Lenovo decides to remove the white list restrictions. You might also find a place with modded bios that remove a white list check. not sure if possible on this laptop as i am thinking it is part of the controller for the interfaces not the bios...


also for anyone who does not know what white listing is.


It is the practice of making a list where only things on the list are allowed and everything not matching the list is rejected. 


A black list is where if you are on the list you get rejected if not allowed in. 


Lenovo has been doing that with its hardware since they were owned by IBM. And to clarify i dont condem them for it i do not like this practice though and would like to see it banned in use.

What's DOS?
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Re: Z51/70 2nd HDD CADDY Problem

Hi, I had the same problem with computer's 1TB HDD (WDC WD10JPCX-24UE4T0) which was not visible in ODD port. An old 120GB HDD worked fine with the same ganeric caddy. 


I found out that caddy type doesn't matter (all are passive adapters) but ODD port is only Serial ATA-300 compliant, but do not have full SATA protocol, so most HDD's are not able to negociate speed.


I used Wdsspd. app (only for Western Digital HDD) from to force 1TB HDD's sata speed to 3.0 G and the 1TB HDD is visible now and works fine.

What's DOS?
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Re: Z51/70 2nd HDD CADDY Problem

Hi, thanks for the tips

I was wondering if this is the message you got when you used  Wdsspd. ?

Does this mean it worked and the speed changed

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z51/70 2nd HDD CADDY Problem

انا ارغب بلتطوير  لنفس نوع الابتوب 

لكن اخاف ان يحدث لي نفس المشكلة

ولا املك المال الكافي لشراء hhd wd 

ماذا تنصحن

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