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Blue Screen Again
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Z51 70 gpu driver issue



Im not able to use my laptop gpu from past 1 years, it all started after windows 10 creators update.


Windows 10 started crashing after login screen with errors like, memory management, system thread , critical service failed.etc..this year its thread stuck in driver bsod alone


Checked all kind of hardware diagnostic softwares and checked harddisk, wiped and reinstalld os, checked memory, no gpu hardware alert also.


Later i found that when i disable my gpu drivers system is noy crashing, i tried many old and new gou drivers after cleaning using DDU. But same hapening, after 2 crashes windows update will install 2015 version of gpu drivers.


I updated my bios to the latest version available last year.


Is my amd gpu faulty ?

Is it geting enough power from motherboard?

If its pure driver issue, what can i do other than what i already did to fix it ?



I have taken it to service center once, but they sugested me to replace my harddisk .i wasnt satisfied with their service.


Now the problem with my laptop is ,its battery is completly dead, 

Before when i used my original charger,i used to get shock from laptop 

Recently charger burned after a lightning hit and replaced a new charger,which is 65w instead of 90w due to no availability.


Please reply with your comments and solutions ..😐😓😑

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Z51 70 gpu driver issue

i have the same issue like you 100% , my gpu crashed suddenly even without touching the lap one day ..

i took it to the fixing center and they told me to change the motherboard but its price was the same as the price of a new laptop so i didn't change it and had to disable the Amd card and using the intel card only ..

but i am still very sad and decided not to buy any Lenovo product again and told all my friends and all people on Facebook and Twitter not to buy from Lenovo 

because lenovo  didn't give any solution to our issue.

If they can help us the can extend the warranty of our laptops so we can fix it in fixing centers for free or for lower price , that's the only solution that can make me happy of lenovo and return to them


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Blue Screen Again
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Z51 70 gpu driver issue

Lenovo is the manufacturer of their laptop motherboards which includes other brands like intel,nvidia,amd etc.. if a customer aproach lenovo service center in india with their laptop to servce all they do is,reinstall os for software issues, and replace,ram,harddisk or motherboard.


Replacing hdd and other components are understandable.


But nobody here can fix a motherboard issue ,are they lenovo trained technicians or are they just normal laptop servce center who got certified by lenovo to help their customer.


I know lenovo dont give a sh about these forums or few number of customers sad reviews.

But the guys who made these motherboard knows the components in it well and they have the equipments to test the hardware and find the exact fault. Why cant lenovo service center have that.


You have a service center in every city just for name sake. 


Please tell a genuine lenovo service center in india which is dedicated for lenovo and which has lenovo trained technicians with good hardware diagnostic equipments, next time instead of wasting time and money in my locale city i will go there to service my laptop.


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Re: Z51 70 gpu driver issue

Hi Lenovo_z51_user,

Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.


We are really sorry to hear that and you are still not able to use your laptop properly as Discrete GPU is not functioning properly. 

As you have stated that you have tried several probable solutions but it didn't help. Can you help me with your Machine Type Model or message me your system's Serial Number through private message.


I hope the above information helped you.

Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Z51 70 gpu driver issue

i am also can't use my laptop properly and have the same problem and my GPU is not functioning properly. can I get help too ?

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