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Paper Tape
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Z51-70 : problem with HDD caddy


I bought a Z51 (as a christmas present for my mother).

I have replaced the DVD RW with a caddy (I don't know if I can post the link here). I have set up a new SSD instead of the HDD, and installed the HDD into the caddy.


I have been consistently able to boot from the original HDD (in the caddy), but only after a restart. (each time: first try, does not boot, does not appear in the boot menu. Then restart, and it works fine.)


Windows 10 is now installed on the SSD and can perfectly boot (without the need of restarting), but the HDD appears neither in Windows nor in the BIOS. In fact, I have been able to mount it only once, after I launched the BIOS from the windows recovery options. Then it was recognized both in the bios and in the disk partition manager of windows 10. But I am not able to reproduce this.


As this behaviour is quite strange, I was wondering if: it is a BIOS issue, a driver issue, or a caddy issue...


Could you please provide me some advice ?


Paper Tape
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Re: Z51-70 : problem with HDD caddy

Hi Aurélien,


I just found this post in this forum :


I have a caddy problem with my Z51-70 too. I think we have to wait...

But maybe we can do pressure on Lenovo to release a BIOS update faster.

What's DOS?
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Re: Z51-70 : problem with HDD caddy

Hi, I had the same problem with computer's 1TB HDD (WDC WD10JPCX-24UE4T0) which was not visible in ODD port. An old 120GB HDD worked fine with the same ganeric caddy. 


I found out that caddy type doesn't matter (all are passive adapters) but ODD port is only Serial ATA-300 compliant, but do not have full SATA protocol, so most HDD's are not able to negociate speed.


I used Wdsspd. app (only for Western Digital HDD) from to force 1TB HDD's sata speed to 3.0 G and the 1TB HDD is visible now and works fine.


Best regards

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