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Z510 Crashes While Plugged In

I have had a horrible experience with Lenovo customer support, and am looking for advice.


My Lenovo Z510 started crashing only while plugged in, and of course this happened shortly after the warranty expired. Because it was out of warranty, I didn't bother calling Lenovo. I tried everything I could think of, replaced the fan, replaced the A/C adapter, replaced the heat sink and reapplied new thermal paste. I updated all of my drivers, and the system BIOS. I even took my computer into a repair place, and they couldn't determine what the issue was but offered to slowly start replacing things until the issue was fixed. This seemed expensive and a big risk, so I didn't pursue this. But the problem persists. I recently found on a Lenovo forum that this had happened to multiple people, and the problem was a bad motherboard. Because of this, I decided to call Lenovo customer support.


The person I originally spoke with confirmed that he had also found several forums that showed Z510s had a faulty motherboard, and said because of this it was likely that despite being out of warranty they would still be able to fix my computer. He escalated my case, and several days later I got an email from Lenovo simply stating my computer was out of warranty. I emailed them back asking if they would be willing to fix it because of the known issue, and never heard back. A month later I called Lenovo, asking why I had never heard back, and they gave me a cookie cutter response that I needed to go to a local repair person, and that my computer was out of warranty. The person finally said he would send my case back to upper management since they had not responded to my original concerns. Once again, I haven't heard anything and it has been weeks.


What options do I have? I would have expected more from a computer company I have heard so highly about. Is it time to replace my expensive, and only several year old computer? I am annoyed with Lenovo to say the least.

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