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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎10-12-2019
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Z5170 screen freeze, pls help :(

My laptop is lenovo z5170 that bought 4-5 years ago (out of warranty now, never do anything about hardware)

I have screen freeze problem. It happen for few years.

It happen only when i use AMD r9 m375 GPU and play game (Dota2 CSGO etc)

if just watch youtube or movies it not freeze

while screen freeze happen i still can hear sound normal and still can click something and it response to my clicking

but i cant play the game! i must quit game by Task Manager and use keyboard (down arrow + delete) or force shutdown and boot laptop


..and this problem solve if i disable AMD GPU in Device Manager and use on-board intel GPU (very bad gaming experience)

so i think it be AMD GPU problem

and if i enable it and try reinstall driver (latest version, the one from lenovo driver CD or lenovo website) or reinstall Windows (7,8,10 i try everything), the problem not solve


and now i want to know about sending laptop to lenovo service

- if it AMD hardware problem, it can repair or can buy a new AMD ? if need to buy new, how much?

- about duration for sending laptop and wait for it to bring back, how long? (i live in Thailand)


if anyone have same problem, pls share your solution pls. Smiley Sad


PS. sorry for my english skill btw

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