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What's DOS?
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Re: Z560 Headphone Static?

I have the exact same problem with the Lenovo Z560 laptop I just got. There is an extremely loud static noise and high pitched whining sound that is constantly heard while the AC adapter is plugged in. The audio card is the Conexant CX20671 Smart Audio HD). I tried all kinds of things to try and make the high pitched noise and static sound go away, but nothing has worked. There is some sort of hardware issue with this laptop.


I will be returning the laptop and I am disappointed because I liked it otherwise. I especially like the feel of the keyboard and the clickiness of it. Anyway, I'm extremely disappointed by my experience with Lenovo. It was the first time I purchased a Lenovo laptop and I cannot be more turned off now. Expected much more and can't believe they let something so fundamentally flawed to be made into production.

Paper Tape
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Re: Z560 Headphone Static?

Does anyone have a solution? I'm almost close to returning it if it's not fixed and it'd be a pity because besides the static, I like this laptop =(

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Re: Z560 Headphone Static?

flashing bios update and/or upgrading sound drivers are not working, i suggest you to contact lenovo support line and ask for replacement.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z560 Headphone Static?

OK.  UI just don't understand what the moderator doesn't get... or understand.... or Grok.


Get this... The sound card is a chip... It is not sheilded properly...  It is located too close to the incoming power.... It is causing the static interference.  Get it?  Understand it?  It is an engineering failure/oversight/compromise.  There is nothing you can do to 'fix' it.  A replacement machine will do the same thing since it is configured the same way.  Get it?  Understand, Mr Moderator?  Grok yet?


Stop telling people to play with their bios.

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