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Paper Tape
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Z560 Mouse button issues



Approximately 3 month ago I purchased a Ideapad Z560, so far my experience has been excellent however an issue has cropped up with the mouse buttons. It's slightly hard to explain but the left mouse button "feels" different when pushing it down and it does not always seem to make connection to the board. It feels as though possibly the spring inside may have gone although I'm not too sure as I don't want to open it myself as the laptop is still in warranty. I have read online that it can be slightly complex to fix yourself as the touchpad and mouse buttons are a sealed unit and as such I think I should probably call Lenovo to have it fixed.


Although I do have a few questions:

  1. Has anyone else had any of these mouse button issues and are they likely to reoccur in the future?
  2. After calling the Lenovo number, how long will it be before my laptop is picked up or will I have to drop it off myself to a service centre?
  3. How long would a repair like this typically take?
  4. Should I backup my hard-drive or will they only replace the touchpad unit? I assume it would be a wise idea to previously wipe the computer with DBAN just in case a Lenovo employee is feeling adventerous.
  5. As I use my laptop constantly within my work, is it possible at all for me to speed up the process? For example to drop it off at an approved Lenovo repair facility and have it repaired on the same day?

Thanks for your help,

Bit Torrent
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Re: Z560 Mouse button issues

Hello mate,


I'll say the repair process will take a week time to send it, fix and send it back, maybe a bit more.

You always should do a backup of your files before send it to repair.

Repair the same day I don't think so.


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Paper Tape
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Re: Z560 Mouse button issues

Thanks for your help, I've called today and my laptop should be getting picked up on Wednesday. I know it may seem like a rather small issue, however being that it's the left mouse button which has broken it can get rather annoying when using it for an extended period.

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