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I have a new IdeaPad Z560 and formatted with an OEM copy of XP Pro SP3.  


Everything is running great, but I've got one lingering unknown device.  I've pretty much installed every XP driver in the downloads section to no avail.  I've seen similiar posts regarding XP installs on other lenovo models, but none specific to mine.  Everything I've read regarding other models points to this being a chipset driver needed, but as I said, I've installed the chipset driver already.


Here's what the unknown device looks like...


SM Bus controller.jpg


We've tried this in the lab with a clean install of XP on an example Z560 taken from lab inventory and did not encounter the errors described above.  However, if these are encountered, the following may help resolve them.



  1. Uninstalled SM Bus driver from device manager
  2. Restarted computer
  3. Found new hardware wizard detected and attempted to install SM Bus
  4. Allowed windows to connect & search for driver
  5. If successful, reboot and if resolved on reboot - then done.

If Windows was unsuccessful locating a driver, then.


  1. Uninstalled SM Bus from device manager again
  2. Manually download and reinstalled drivers: chipset, matrix storage manager, management engine
  3. During the chipset driver install, the found new hardware wizard popped up for SM Bus -- Do not let Windows install the driver, once chipset driver finish installing, reboot.
  4. Check if drivers installed properly in device manager SM Bus controller should not have an exception.

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