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Paper Tape
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Z560 wifi not working-done everything forum has suggested and then some

I purchased a new Z560 last Friday.  I have not been able to get the wifi to work.


I have done everything the forums have said.


1. Uninstalled readycom software

2. unchecked IPV6

3. updated drivers

4. updated firmware on router

5. I even went out and purchased a brand new router thinking my router might be bad.  I was able to connect to this new router for about 5 minutes and then it disconnected and I am not able to reconnect to that router.


I have a nephew that does PC networks for a living and he came over and did things I have never seen before and he could not get it to work.


What is confusing is it will find the SSID but when you connect it won't make the connection.  I have turned off all security on the router so it is open to anyone.  I have two other Thinkpads that are running XP and they have no problem connecting to either the old router or the new router.


Any suggestions?  I am thinking at this point that the wireless card is bad.


Thanks, Tom


Paper Tape
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Wireless Problem

I bought an Ideapad z560 recently and I have been seeing that I can't seem to get my wireless speed any higher than 65Mbps.


I have been scratching my head for a while on what might be wrong so I thought I would try to see if anyone would know what I could do about it.


At the minute I have changed the settings on the router to just N and a few other things like changing the channel. I also checked the adapter settings just in case it was set to 20mhz but everything looked fine to me.


I have noticed though when it first connects to the wireless it hits 72Mbps but then it always goes back down to 65Mbps.


All drivers are the latest.

My router is a d-link DSL-2740R


Also I know that the router is working properly as my mums dell netbook is getting Mbps and our PC is getting 170Mbps but I have previously seen it around 270Mbps.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator
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Re: Wireless Problem

Hey Marty,


It's EXTREMELY difficult to get that maximum 300mbit. I've only ever seen 130mbit in my home, and usually sit at 65mbit. I'm honestly a bit surprised by your 270mbit.


It could be any combination of things, but will most likely be a result of the make of the wireless card. Sometimes these N protocols can be pretty picky.


On another note, you won't notice the difference in speed unless you're transferring files between two PCs.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Wireless Problem

yeh i was hoping to get 130mbps as i am transferring files to different pcs.

i was just curious why my pc is sitting right now on 170 and the dell netbook at 150 and my laptop which is at 65. i thought they would have all been mid 100s at least...
What's DOS?
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Z560 not connecting to internet on wifi router



I bought a Z560 and until last week it was working fine with my wifi router. As of yesterday the wireless panel shows that it is connected to the router but I cannot 'ping' the router ! The connection shows that it is just connected to the router but not to the internet. 


The ipconfig shows it has been assigned an IP address by the router ( and the default gateway etc settings shown are okay. I tried connecting using the gateway addresses given by my ISP but that too does not work.


I have done a system restore to the old settings but am still unable to connect or ping the router (192.168.,0.1) 


The wireless driver being used is Atheros and everything says it is working fine. 

I tried connecting the cable directly to the laptop but the machine does not recognize this too !


I must mention that I am able to use my wifi network with my iPhone, my second laptop and also my Nokia phone so there is something wrong with the machine someplace !


Please help... thanks in advance. 

What's DOS?
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Having problem with Wireless card

Hi ,

I bought this laptop from office depot .

Lenovo® IdeaPad Z560 (0914-42U)

Problem is when i turned on laptop and turn on wireless it connected but it didnt let me update windows or microsft antivirus programme.When i tried my external wireless usb network adapter i didnt have any problem updating or installing windows updates.


Any idea what could be wrong?Or should i just return it?


Looking farward for reply



Bit Torrent
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Re: Having problem with Wireless card

Hello mate,


Sounds like your firewall is the problem in there configure it to allow your network adapter.


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Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: Having problem with Wireless card

- disable ipv6 internet connection protocol.

- remove readycomm application if installed.

- update wireless drivers.


disabling ipv6 :

- right click on the network icon and select open the network and sharing center.
- in the resulting window, select "change adapter settings".
- in the network connections window, select the "local area connection" for the onboard nic (or whatever it's called), then "change settings of this connection" or file>properties.
- in the connection property page, uncheck the box for "internet protocol version 6 (tcp/ipv6)".
- close all the windows and reboot your system.
What's DOS?
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Re: Z560 not connecting to internet on wifi router

I have the exact same issue - has anybody found a solution?

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: Z560 not connecting to internet on wifi router

- if readycom installed, remove it.
- if you have mcaffe, disable the firewall and/or phishing filters, or just un-install it.
- disable ipv6 connection protocol.
- run command prompt with admin privileges and type "netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled" enter.

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