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I have Ideapad  Z570 lenevo laptop and wish to connect it with my mobile devices via bluetooth.


I downloaded bluetooth driver for my laptop (Windows XP) and installed it. Later, i restarted my pc.


Click on My Bluetooth Places icon to activate the bluetooth but i got the following error:


"Bluetooth device not found

Please verify that your Bluetooth device is properly connected and turned on."


I'm sure it has bluetooth hardware since i was able to send file via bluetooth last week. It's not working now. There is no bluetooth when I press Fn + f5. Moreover, when i try to search and open bluetooth, it won't open.


What's the possible problem? 


1) Make sure you have activated the wireless/bluetooth physical switch.

- It's a small switch which usually sits at the side or front of a machine. You can refer to if you're not sure. Navigate to the left panel : Technical Support > User Guides.

Z570 Documentation


2) Make sure you have blueetooth hardware
- When you press Fn + F5 (after activating physical switch), if you don't see any option to turn on/off bluetooth, you don't have bluetooth.

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