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Blue Screen Again
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Z570 does not boot from USB stick

Hi all,


I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 Core i5, 6GB Ram and 2GB NVIDIA gr crd.


I want to run a Linux live distribution from a USB stick/key. In order to do that I need to be able to boot from the USB medium.


I did try all four USB sockets on the machine as well as multiple configurations in the BIOS in regards to boot sequence.

The BIOS has no 100% fitting option for media attached to USB to boot from (FCC, HDD and CD).


All testing and checking of cofigurations and options did not enable me to select my USB stick in the boot menu that comes up when pressing F12.


I then went ahead and installed the most recent BIOS update from the Lenovo website. and re-checked all my combinations from earlier... still no USB was showing up in the selection of media to boot from.


Only the internal HDD, the CD- drive and network adapter are available for selection.


I tested the USB stick on my Lenovo T410 and it gets recognized and I can boot form it without problems.


Any help on how I can get booting from USB to work is appreciated.





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Re: Z570 does not boot from USB stick

hi seb,

sorry to say that but most of the ideapad doesn't come with usb boot support. i'm having the same issue with y570 when my s10-3 boots from usb without any problem.
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Re: Z570 does not boot from USB stick

this is the solution.
in the bios menu, select "Enable" for "Intel Virtual Techology", and save changes.
after that PC recognize USB stick and you can see it by pressing F12 and boot from USB.
Z570 recognize some USB as a Flash memory and boot from it, but recognize other USB stick as something different and don't boot from it. I don't know why..
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