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Z575 Hard disk errors - trouble getting Windows to reinstall


My Lenovo Ideapad Z575 failed to load Windows after it froze while I was using the internet two days ago. It wouldn't run the system repair so I had to reformat windows and reinstall it. Problem is, while installing on local drive C:/ Windows kept on saying that I should choose another drive because it may fail soon but I don't have other choice and installed it anyway. After Windows 7 ran, it kept on telling me to back up my files because Windows detected a hard disk problem. How do I repair this? 


Also I tried Smart Downloading V2.1, with Chrome, Mozilla, and IE8 (as administrator) but it doesn't work. The plug in installer cannot be found.



This may be a case of the HDD failing and it may need replacement.  It is also possible that the software has become corrupt or potentially infected by a virus.


1) Restart the system and enter BIOS.  Check to ensure the HDD is recognized.  If the HDD is not recognized, contact support in your country.  Visit Lenovo's support site to find a list of support numbers for your country.


2) Try to recover the system back to the factory state.  Power off the system and then press the button for the one key recovery application.  This is a button above the keyboard that looks like an arrow making a u-turn or looping.  After pressing this button, the system should boot to a series of screens where you can be guided on the type of recovery you want make - select the option to recover to factory original.  Note this will will wipe out all your data so be sure you have back up copies before proceeding.  If the recovery completes successfully, reinstall applications and other files.  If Windows cannot complete the recovery and the system continues to crash, please contact support.


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supersp3nce On 2014-01-08, 21:48 PM



Same comuter and I have no hdd detected.  I will conact support here after trying to boot from my windows 7 disc again.



tbell117 On 2014-08-02, 12:47 PM

My HDD has failed completely on my Ideapad Y580 and I have just installed a new one. I have reinstalled Windows 8 from a bought copy which I needed for my other laptop. That license has already been used on that laptop, but I understand that I should be able to use the license that was embedded in the bios of my Y580 to activate Windows?


But I can't see how to do this. I've used Onekey to enter the Bios and selected recovery and it opens Windows with the Build 9600 message down in the right hand corner. I believe this indicates an inactivated Windows. It's all working, but whether it will continue to do so in this 'unactivated' state I don't know.


How can I find and use the original Windows license key to correctly activate this Windows reinstallation. 

It was so much easier when one received a Windows back up disk with your new laptop!


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