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Paper Tape
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Z580 DyingHDD, windows 8.1



I have a Z580 with an HDD that is going through a life ending experience. At the current time it does not boot. Although I have salveged most of the data off of it I would like to boot it one more time, in order to clone it. I have tried the repair tools, but they are not working. My repair disk relates to Windows 8 so that may explain why it is not working.


I have access to the msdn Windows 8.1 install. I attempted to use that to do a reset, but the reset function provides the message that "the media inserted is not valid" even though this is the x64 version of the disk. I am at a loss how to proceed.


Any suggestions?


Given how well eveything has not worked so far, I am reticent to do a complete reinstall till I have the product key off the BIOS, but all the notes I find on this subject relate to running windows apps to obtain this, clearly something I cannot do right now.



In terms of replacing the HDD, can I simply clone the working hdd (assuming I get it to work) and then just replace, or is there anything else I need to worry about. I have gone through the forum but most of the discussion appears to relate to pre-windows 8.1 OS.



Bit Torrent
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Re: Z580 DyingHDD, windows 8.1

You should be downloading the Win 8.1 64 bit standard or home version.  Your product key should be automatically detected if the OS originally installed is Win 8.1.

As to other thing to worry about is the OKR program. It may no longer work after the cloning process.

Paper Tape
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Re: Z580 DyingHDD, windows 8.1

Thanks Len, that makes sense but it doesn't work like that. There are too many intermediate flavors and you must have exactly the right one. I didn't but it didn't make a difference: the HDD was already too far gone. I could not even install the new version of 8.1 on as a fresh install. The install died 45% thru.


Went out this am, for $110 CDN bought a new 1 TB drive, installed and did a fresh install. Email is working as is some other critical apps. Now I need to figure out how to get some of that nice Lenovo stuff back (particularly liked the battery life mgmt app, and would like to rebuild the OKR partition). but that is for later. time to get back to work!



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