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Paper Tape
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Z580 HDMI problems

Good  Day Guys,


I currently have a Lenovo Z580 with the GT635M GFX card, and i LOVE this machine... Its truly an AWESOME machine. 


Now i have been using this pc for about a year and it was running great... all my gfx drivers was working fine and everything honkey dory, at night i used to take my wireless keyboard and play games on it on my BIG TV, LOL


So the other day there was a storm and the lightining hit my house, but NOT my pc... as i have a surge protector installed, and the power went out for a few hours when i wasnt home, causing my laptop to go off completely... 


So then when i tried switching it on again it wouldnt go on... i have to charge it first, after charging it i switched it on and then the harddrive made a funny beeping noise, which is then followed by the most common message INSERT SYSTEM DISK... Needless to say my harddrive is stuffed... so i quickly jumped into my car and flew to the PC store, 

Bought a new HDD and installed it, where after i installed WIN 7 64bit again... and then all my drivers, after all the drivers were installed, i tried to hook up my TV via the HDMI port, and well the TV detects its plugged in, but no signal from the laptop, and the laptop dont detect it in display settings either... 


Now i have tried 3 different cables, ive plugged them into different ports on the tv too... 

I have installed EVERY driver i could find online for the NVIDIA and the Intel 4000 GFX 

Ive even formatted my pc 4 times again... 

Ive disabled optimus in the bios, and re-enabled it again. 

Ive installed OLDER drivers, ive litterly done EVERYTHING that i can find on the forums including the win key and P

Ive absolutely done everything i think could be wrong... 


My next step is to think either one of the ports are shot... but then i tried connecting it to another tv and same problem. 


PLEASE HELP ME!!! Im really desperate!!! 


(ps why dont the nvidia card get noticed in dxdiag?)

Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-03-2014
Location: South Africa
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Re: Z580 HDMI problems

Ok so i have an update on this... it seems the lan port dont work as well as my vga port... and i see nobody commented on the post. So i take it, nobody wants to assist me Smiley Sad atleast answer me this next question... can these be repaired?

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