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Z580 Power On Password, Unknown ( no-ideapad )

If this ever happens to you, In my case had hard drive fail (hardware failure) This means all data is gone including one step recovery. If that's not enough when I picked up A new hard drive and installed it ( thinking I would just install A new O.S.) On power up it imediatly went to A Power On Password Screen ( prompting for A password which I never creted ) 3 try's and reboot. Now I have A locked out of bios issue and pulling cmos battery will not help thanks to the TPM  ( trusted platform module )Chip installed by Lenovo and they have been doing so since late 2005. It is known in the industry as the Hengzhi chip ( Chinese Trusted Platform Module used in Lenovo ). Once activated you now own A Brick. There is no solution offered by lenovo except replace your motherboard. After constant calls to Lenovo Support such as Software, Hardware, (almost got to engineering) But got connected with there NoWhere Department. I even had one of there techs talk me into pulling cmos battery and waiting 10 minutes ( he knew nothing of password being stored in nvram ) but insisted it should do the trick!. I am at A loss and major frustrated being out of what I once considered to be one great  Idea. If anyone is aware of the miracle fix for this model please post as soon as possible, otherwise there's going to be more used lenovo parts available on ebay

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